Human centered. Data driven.

myRhythm gives team members a fact-based voice for reshaping how work gets done. Positive, interpersonal commitments and follow-through, realign culture with a focus on collaboration, teamwork and sustainable new results.

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Real Pulse daily sign-in provides feedback on Matrix statements and aggregates to significant, real-time data.

Compare your stats to the rest of the team, recognize team members, and earn points for virtually everything you do in myRhythm.

Enjoy the courses. They’re short, memorable, and provide real, useable value.

Lifesavers inside each course allow you to ask and answer critical questions, peeling back formal learning and creating a community of social learning.

The structure of myRhythm.

myRhythm is a Human Capital Management system that realigns everyday behaviors for a more capable, sustainable culture. It’s a culture where employees actually want to come to work everyday, and are committed to investing their energies in a future together.

  1. The Behavior Matrix is the hub. It’s where we’ve embedded behavioral standards that support your learning and business objectives. These are unobtrusively measured every day, creating a rich and accurate image of your progress on culture.
  2. Expert online content is based on your needs. Over time, we actively publish additional expert content for you, based on your unique performance data.
  3. The game mechanics of the myRhythm app create a community that peels back the layers of formal learning to socialize and actively apply new concepts on the job.
  4. Employee feedback and engagement levels continually deliver a real-time flow of data. This data informs employees, supports more effective coaching, and gives senior leaders more insight into operational issues and needs.

Join Peter Stickler as he discusses focus, discipline, cultural grammar and employee feedback.

myRhythm is a Human Capital Management platform—not a flavor of the month program. Use it to execute your strategies in confidence, and to create a healthy culture where people want to belong and contribute.

myRhythm structures a powerful web-based platform, where members interact daily to drive an engaging environment, unleash performance, and generate the data to manage both.