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Planning and Prevention

Workplace respect covers a lot of topics and is a domain loaded with land mines. It is essential for organizations to strategically plan and implement policies, programs and processes to prevent as many conflicts as possible and to be well prepared when they inevitably arise – and they will arise.

Innovative strategic planning, spot-on public speaking, creative team-building and expert project management – our consultants bring their years of expertise to ensure your team’s and organization’s success. Contact us for all your organizational success planning and prevention strategies for addressing workplace respect including:

  • Dynamic, multi-media “edutainment” presentations and keynotes on many relevant and useful workplace respect topics including respectful workplace policies, bullying, harassment, legal compliance, risk management, building effective complaint processes, investigation, conflict resolution, human resource issues, communication strategies, and  leadership.
  • Effective, intensive training workshops on workplace respect, bullying, harassment, uncomfortable conversations, managing complaints, and many more.
  • Project management that’s highly strategic, timely and organized.
  • Strategic planning and vision development that’s meaningful.
  • Change management allowing people and processes to reinvent themselves into better ways of doing things.
  • Team-building exercises and retreats that heal and refresh workplaces.


Climate Surveys & Team Assessment

When the first signs of a workplace respect problem surface, it is critical to get the facts. Organizations are usually too focused on optimizing productivity and efficiency to see through the numbers. Sometimes, you can tell something’s wrong with the team but just can’t identify it.  Or it’s surfaced but keeps coming around without ever seeming really resolved.

Safe, confidential and thorough external support helps.  We provide a full range of services from 360-degree feedback processes for leaders and boards, to large-scale workplace surveying to impartial and supportive team assessments to identify and effectively problem-solve issues.  We provide free, no-obligation consultations on all our services so contact us today for a confidential discussion about options.


Strategic Planning

One of our most impactful services is leading organizations through workplace respect strategic planning. If you don’t know where you’re going and why, you won’t know how to get there or if you’re on course.  If you’re just figuring out you need to implement a workplace respect policy or you think there is an awareness problem. Perhaps you’ve just received a potentially explosive complaint. Regardless, strategic planning is critical. We can help.

We don’t just focus on the end goal of a descriptive and efficient plan.  We use the process itself to build support and buy-in to expand organizational potential and unite team members under a common goal whether developing a new plan from scratch or just touching up an existing plan to check our progress.

Contact us for a no obligation consultation on your organization’s needs and we’ll offer ideas and options.


Project Management

Implementing a workplace respect strategy requires expertise in project management.  More than a spreadsheet and a timeline, effective project management requires expert people skills and specialized techniques for preventing and efficiently addressing speed bumps to achieiving objectives. From change management to risk management to resource management, we have the expertise. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on what our Prosci-certified, PMP Project Managers can  do for you.