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Paul Pelletier Consulting offers a wide range of services broken down into four main categories:

Pubic Speaking

Paul Pelletier is an internationally respected public speaker with engagements in England, Dubai, Canada and the United States in 2015. We’re award-winning trainers, conference presenters, and keynote speakers on workplace respect, diversity, communication, teamwork, and leadership. We are also skilled and fully certified facilitators, project managers, organizational change experts, and policy compliance advisors.

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Planning and Prevention

Creating and maintaining respectful and inclusive workplaces takes strategic planning and awareness. Furthermore, investment in incivility prevention pays significant dividends. We can help.

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Education and Training

Our education programs balance research-based evidence with highly interactive and practical instruction in a multi-media format including presentation, video, case study and practice.  Audiences consistently describe our “edutainment” programs as engaging, entertaining, informative, provocative and effective at building insight, motivation and skills.

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Resolution and Intervention

Conflict and complaints.  They’re a part of life.  They’re a part of work life. However, too often, professionals skilled in their trades lack the skills to effectively resolve inevitable conflicts.  Our certified mediators, experienced arbitrators and fair investigators ensure conflicts get resolved.  For good.

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