Cure the common job. Unleash human potential.

You know the common job. It’s the one people dread coming to every day because they’d rather be anywhere else.

myRhythm benefits

  • Develops trusting relationships where people naturally connect and feel good about coming to work every day.
  • Revitalizes learning because it’s short, memorable, and applies directly to work.
  • Creates connections and collaborations that make learning social.
  • Provides self-monitoring, to make personal progress a strong motivator.
  • Makes data-informed coaching into a powerful, new support tool.

A brand new platform drives engagement, unleashes talent, and generates the data to manage both.

Executive Benefits
  • Real-time performance metrics continually collected from across the organization.
  • Leading performance indicators that help boost agility and adaptability.
  • Superior results from energized employees who are invested in the future.
Manager Benefits
  • Laser-like focus delivers new solutions and improved outcomes.
  • Delivers data on participation that helps start and guide the coaching conversation with team members.
  • Team spirit, driven by community, continually recharges everyone’s energy.
Employee Benefits
  • Greater sense of inclusion and belonging with the team and the organization.
  • Relief from energy-sapping politics, gossip, and favoritism.
  • A healthy, empowering culture that unleashes people to make a difference, not just a living.

myRhythm provides a structure where employees naturally choose behaviors that build positive relationships, and create a healthy, engaging, high-performance culture.

A strong, human-centered foundation based on the principles of meaning, trust, inclusion, growth and autonomy.

This is the rhythm of myRhythm.

People live the behaviors that develop positive relationships, to produce a healthy culture that creates sustainable, new business results.

Gives employees a voice to dial up an engaging work environment, and drive down “presentee-ism”.

When human
nature embraces
high performance,
you can cure
the common job.

We all expect a workplace that offers more than “a job”, that helps us do our best work, and that treats us as human beings. myRhythm helps you create this.

  • WHAT: Develop trusting relationships where people naturally connect and want to come to work every day.
  • HOW: Integrate social community, expert online content, and coaching that’s informed by real-time data, all driven by thoughtful game mechanics.
  • WHY: Create a culture where top talent has the courage to act, and people invest in each other to build a future together.

myRhythm structures a powerful web-based platform, where members interact daily to drive an engaging environment, unleash performance, and generate the data to manage both.