With a tag line like: Cure the common job, we’re not here to mess around.

We’re out to change the world–at least the way that people work in it.
Why we’re involved in myRhythm

Jack Pierce
Managing Partner

Sadly, most organizations squander talent and crush the human spirit. That’s why for many years I’ve focused on ways to actively realign culture. People should always have the freedom to act with courage and commitment, in an environment where they choose to invest in a future with those around them.

I’m passionate about myRhythm because it’s designed to systematically allow human nature to flourish in any group. And when human nature flourishes, we all rise to do our best work.

Peter Stickler

In 38+ years of global HR experience I’ve gained a deep understanding about the connection between effective Human Capital Management and success. I saw the critical success factors: a system that embraces our human nature, supported learning, and was both data-driven and measurable. But, a system to support it had eluded me – until myRhythm.

The more I learned, the more I got involved. Now I’m part of something that is very special indeed!

Donna Harris

“Why” has always been a key question for me. “Why” begins to address the question of intent, which is uniquely human. Until you know why people do what they do, you can’t address change. Change to achieve a better result, a happier life. Change to feel totally engaged in your job. “Why” is a simple word that’s fully embedded into the myRhythm system. It enables everyone to get the most out of what they do. That’s why I’m proud to have been a part of myRhythm from the very start.

Leo Rickertsen

In my forty years as a freelancer working with companies in strategic planning, marketing, and learning, myRhythm is the realization of the “art of the possible” on an entirely higher level. It elegantly and simply draws together what were considered hugely diverse (and even dichotomous) expectations around the idea that when people are truly engaged and authentically respected, the world and work opens like a flower.

How the myRhythm app works...

The ultimate you-can-run-but-you-can’t-hide scenario is that you can’t take human nature out of human performance. People aren’t corporate puzzle pieces, they’re human beings.

What’s the myRhythm philosophy?

The myRhythm Experience

  1. Where people systematically choose new behaviors because they fit—and just feel right. Trust and inclusion flourish.
  2. The new behaviors naturally realign culture to a human-centered model.
  3. The new human-centered culture is easily sustainable because it’s also continuously data-driven.
  4. People choose to invest their extra energy in this kind of work environment, delivering new business results.

Based on research and our own experience, we recognize most approaches to engagement have overwhelmingly failed for three important reasons:

  • Most are programs, rather than systems. They lack specific tools and measurements designed for long-term use.
  • These programs are put into action focused on executive training. And if this training does get to front line employees, it’s diluted and defused. In any case, training alone fails to create the behavior change necessary for success.
  • Most fail to affirm the humanity of employees, treating them pretty much like replaceable parts. This is a major cause for disengagement in the first place.

Again, based on research, most people prefer a job where what they do has meaning and makes a difference. Most people can’t thrive without an environment of trust and inclusion. And at some point people have to have the chance to grow and achieve some measure of autonomy.

Inside of myRhythm, meaning, trust, inclusion, growth and autonomy are the five principles of engagement.

myRhythm structures a powerful web-based platform, where members interact daily to drive an engaging environment, unleash performance, and generate the data to manage both.